At the end of 2015 I felt that my progress in business had begun to stagnate. I was working as hard – of not harder – than ever, but wasn’t making the kind of progress I was used to.

One of the biggest factors in any business’s success is innovation. This is especially true now in the world of constant, relentless change.

Innovation – and creativity – is often just making a connection between two unrelated ideas.

But, you have to get those ideas from somewhere. And this is where books come in.

To continually feed my mind with new ideas, motivation, and lessons from people who have done what I’m trying to do, I decided to set a goal:

Read 100 books a year.

This is a little over 8 books a month or almost 2 books a week.

I started talking about the great books I was reading with people and, to my surprise, they loved hearing what I was learning. Heck, it saved them all the time from having to read hundreds of pages and having to read some books that ended up not being all that valuable.

So the 100 Books a Year website and podcast are my contribution to helping people quickly get the biggest ideas from the best books I’m reading along the way.

Much of what you’ll find is tailed to entrepreneurs. However, you’ll find that not all the books are about business and not all the discussions are either.

I hope you enjoy what you find if you decide to join me on this journey 🙂

(Some day you too might take up the 100 Books a Year challenge and enrich your life forever.)

– Matt Clark